JUICI™ Apples

Balanced flavor that packs a crunch

Perfectly sweet, delightfully tart, and incredibly JUICI™

The JUICI™ offers a wonderful balance of sweet and tart flavors, plus an amazing crunch. It’s a thinner-skinned apple with a texture similar to Honeycrisp and an incredibly long shelf-life. Between its ease of storage and delicately balanced taste, JUICI™ is truly the perfect apple!

After extensive research and development, the incredible JUICI™ apple was created. We're proud to be the exclusive grower of this delicious modern apple variety.


  • November - March
Refreshingly sweet and tart. This juicy new apple variety has a very long shelf life, plus it’s outstanding for just about anything - snacking, baking, fresh salads, or in beverages.

All about JUICI™

If you like Honeycrisp apples, you’ll simply adore JUICI™. This apple is simultaneously sweet and tart, plus it packs a lovely crunch. You can easily use this apple for snacks, baking, fresh salads, or in beverages. It’s the apple that’s perfectly sweet, delightfully tart, and incredibly JUICI™!

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